Voice Mail

How it works: You can access the Voice Mail system from any touch tone phone, and customize your greeting/announcement, get messages, play messages, or delete messages at any time. The Voice Mail system will easily walk you through all steps to use. Each message gives a time/date stamp.

How To Get Started:

The first time you use your EOT voice mail, you will need to complete the voce mail tutorial. Access the tutorial from your home/business phone that has EOT voicemail activated on it.

1. Dial the EOT voice mail number 541-289-9004 Hermiston / 541-276-4010 Pendleton (the voicemail system will recognize the number you are calling from)
2. Enter the last 4 digits of your EOT phone number (default pass code for accessing the tutorial)
3. Follow the tutorial steps to set up your own pass code, recorded name, and personal greeting for your callers.

When you have completed the tutorial and the main setup above, you can access your voice mailbox.

Retrieve And Listen To Messages:

Accessing Your Mailbox From Your Phone:

1. Dial the EOT voicemail number 541-289-9004 Hermiston / 541-276-4010 Pendleton
2. Enter your pass code and follow prompts

Accessing Your Mailbox From Another Phone Or Location:

1. Dial the EOT voicemail number 541.289.4000 Hermiston / 541.215.1010 Pendleton
2. Enter your mailbox number (your home or business telephone number)
3. Press * to interrupt your greeting
4. Enter your pass code and follow prompts

Circular Hunting

How it works: This feature works exactly like Multi-line hunting, except the ?hunting? proceeds from the final number of the hunt group to ?wrap around? to the first member of the hunt list.

Regular Multi Line Hunting

How it works: Provides for a sequential hunt over a group of numbers if the first line is busy, until the end of the hunt list is reached. The call ?hunts? for a free line. This feature is programmed in the EOT Central Office.

Selective Call Acceptance

How it works: You can accept calls from a specified list with Selective Call Acceptance; receiving only calls from persons you designate you want to speak with. All other callers will hear recording that you’re not accepting calls at this time. You can still make outgoing calls while this feature is activated.

To activate Call Acceptance:

1. Lift the handset, and press * 6 4.
2. Listen for the voice instructions which will guide you through the steps to use the service.

Selective Call Rejection

How it works: You can reject specified incoming calls from a list with this feature. Those callers will hear a message that you’re not accepting calls at this time, callers not your list will ring as normal.

To activate Selective Call Rejection:

1. Lift the handset, listen for dial tone, and press * 6 0.
2. Listen for an announcement telling you whether the feature is on or off.
3. Listen to the voice instructions, which will guide you in using the service.

Anonymous Call Rejection

How it works: You can reject callers from calling you if their number comes up as ?private? on your Caller ID display. (they have Caller Identification Blocking on their line). The callers will get a polite message stating that you do not accept calls from ?blocked numbers?. They can then unblock their number, if they wish.

To activate Anonymous Call Rejection:

1. Lift the handset, listen for dial tone and press * 7 7.
2. After hearing a confirmation tone, hang up.

To deactivate Anonymous Call Rejection:

1. Press * 8 7, listen for a confirmation tone, or an announcement, then hang up.

Customer Originated Call Trace

How it works: You can request an automatic trace of the last incoming call. This provides a way to trace obscene, threatening, or harassing calls.

To activate Customer Originated Call Trace:

1. After receiving an annoying call, hang up, and press * 5 7.
2. You will hear a tone or an announcement.
3. You will not be given the name or number of the caller at that time.
4. Keep track of the date and time of the offensive call.
5. Contact your local police and EOT for further assistance.

Caller ID Blocking

How it works: You can restrict your number from being displayed on someone else’s Caller ID when placing a call. There is no extra charge for this feature.

To activate Call Identification Blocking:

1. Dial * 6 7 before making a call.

To have your line blocked automatically for all calls:

1. Notify EOT to block your number from showing on Caller ID.
2. To remove the block for just one call, dial * 8 2 before placing that call.

Caller ID with Call Waiting

How it works: This feature delivers the calling party’s information (name and number) during a current active call, via a customer supplied Caller ID box or Caller ID telephone, assuming the calling party doesn’t have Call Identification Blocking

Caller ID (Name and number)

How it works: You’ll be able to see the number/name of the calling party. In some cases, it will indicate the number/name is unavailable or private.

To activate Caller ID:

1. You must have a Caller ID display device on or near your phone for this feature to work
2. When you get a call, the name and number will be displayed on the screen.