Spam, Phishing, Hacking

EOT will NEVER, EVER send you an email either asking you for or with links to requests to input personal information. We may occasionally send you informational or promotional email but it will NEVER contain requests for personal information. If you receive a message and you are concerned, please contact us. Otherwise consider it SPAM and delete it.

The internet is not a static (never changing) entity, and as such we cannot be prepared for all types of attacks or technical issues. We do our best to design the networks for resiliency and capacity but there will be times when either due to an unforseen technical issue, or.. more likely, a new type of malicious attack, that service either to you personally or to EOT broadband customers as a whole will be interrupted. We understand that our customers depend upon us to keep abreast of the technology and the potential pitfalls of being internet connected and will do our absolute best to communicate with you. Again if you have issues or questions about potential or current issues, please contact us.